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About living support

We arrange for residences that you can live peacefully and safely.

A dormitory / Hostel

  • 宿舎
  • 宿舎
  • 宿舎
  • 宿舎
Cost Remarks
Deposit 30,000 yen If you leave dormitory/hostel without any problem, we will refund the deposit amount.
Rent (monthly) 25,000 yen ~ The room is 2-4 people.
Utility charges (monthly) 5,000 yen ~ We will settle dormitory/hostel affairs in every two months.
Futon(Applicant only) 10,800 yen It is for spring, summer and fall.

※The residence period is set to be semi-annual, and in principle it is not possible to leave within a half-year period.
※Depending on how bad the room is, it may be settled separately.

■ About facilities
 ・Toilet ・Kitchen ・Gas appliance ・Table set ・Refrigerator ・Washing machine ・Bed ・Shower ・Air conditioner

About safe life support

■ We support by native speaker teachers etc.
 ・Disease, traffic accident response.
 ・Procedures of public institutions etc.
 ・Purchase of mobile phone.
 ・Lending of rental housing.
 ・Opening a bank account
 ・Part-time job support
 We will do various support as necessary.
※There are many large shopping malls near the school, and you can purchase fresh food and living supplies at a low cost.