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Fukuoka is a livable city

The most livable city in Asia

Approximately 12,000 foreign students from 65 countries
around the world are studying in Fukuoka.

"Fukuoka is a livable city"
According to municipal polls in fiscal 2016, 95.8% of respondents answered that "Fukuoka city is easy to live", which is the highest ever.
In addition when asked, if they would like to continue living in Fukuoka city, 92% answered positively.
Fukuoka with its population of 1.5 million people is the largest city in Kyushu known as Japan’s gateway to Asia. Along with its diverse culture and strong economic growth the city is notorious for its delicious food, convenience and abundance of beautiful nature.
Fukuoka has a long trading relationship with the Asian continent since ancient times, and Fukuoka Airport and Hakata Port, make it easy to access 12 Asian cities.Historically, geographically, Fukuoka is closely related to Asia, and Fukuoka is expected to attract more attention as a place of international exchange.
Charming Fukuoka
1.Airport is very close from city center・・・It has great accessibility in the city, for instance it only takes 10 minutes to downtown area(Tenjin) from Fukuoka airport.
2.Abundant transportation・・・Fukuoka is an easily accessible city, such as subway, bus, Nishitetsu and JR train etc.
3.A convenient city for shopping・・・You can find many delicious foods in Fukuoka, such as fresh meat, vegetables, fish and shellfishes and also you can buy easily everyday stuff you want.
4.Enjoy shopping・・・Compact and stylish town Fukuoka. You can enjoy abundant trendy items such as fashion in shopping
5.People in Fukuoka loves to have festivals・・・Many festivals such as Hakata Dontaku Port Festival, Hakata Gion Yamakasa, Tamaseseri Festival, Hojoya, Toka Ebisu Festival, are held throughout the year and attract a large crowd of visitors.
6.Urban and full of nature・・・It is blessed with abundant nature, mountains that surround the city’s area, a short walk from the city center will bring you face-to-face with expansive Hakata Harbor. You can enjoy the diverse natural environment of Fukuoka.
7."The heart of the hospitality" began in Fukuoka・・・About 800 years ago from now the Korean mission to Fukuoka. It was the beginning that entertaining the delegation every day.
Fukuoka's recommended spot
popular with international students



Food stalls

Fukuoka's Yatai culture after the war started, rapid development.Will find will make sure what menu that sells ramen and yakitori but varied menu, so you want to eat.Has seen so many stalls in Fukuoka City.Cherished food culture!And culture in the city.



Canal city

Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka-City shopping complex.Name in English means "Canal = Canal Street, Canal, on the central stage, almost every day made a variety of events, such as magic shows and live music.Facility includes a large specialty stores, movie theaters, hotels, Fukuoka City Theater.



National Museum

The Museum of history located in Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture, Ishizaka.It was opened on 10/16/2005.Dazaifu tenmangu shrine behind the hilly terrain of the Palace was built.Commonly known as "nine," (kyuuhaku)."Japan culture of Asian historical perspective" that with the concept.Cultural exchange exhibition rooms on the 4th floor, special exhibition room on the 3rd floor and on the first floor experience areas of Asian culture "taste was too" is.



Auction dome & Fukuoka Tower

In the landmark tower (Tower) is located in Sawara-Ku, Fukuoka-Shi seaside momochi, 234 m height.orig.In the tallest seaside Tower in Japan.1989 Asia-Pacific Expo (aka: between TOPIA) was built, the demographics.Observation room on the top floor is about 70 seconds, the elevator is located 123 m in height and the Observatory overlooking the city of Fukuoka.



Uminonakamichi Seaside Park of the sea

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park located in Fukuoka-Shi Shiga island is a spot where you can enjoy nature while feeling the breeze of the sea.Offers various kinds of flowers bloom in the Park and a zoo.Crowded with many families and place children around play.Please check as well organizes events.



Hakata station

Commercial complex located in the gateway to Kyushu Hakata station.First off here, focusing on products for women adult shopping if you like.In the basement "good's market" is by sonhouse here or local sake and Hakata specialty food and gift and gourmet specialty floor.



Dazaifu tenmangu shrine

Known as the God of learning michizane Sugawara Shinto shrine.Exam season students who come to pray for success.Emotion is felt within the atmosphere continued to approach the Starbucks coffee shop is a distinctive wooden interior design.The Kyushu National Museum next to Dazaifu tenmangu shrine if you like art! please stop by.

The most livable city in Asia

Fukuoka is a livable city

Approximately 12,000 foreign students from 65 countries around the world are studying in Fukuoka.

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