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About university and
college Preparation Course

Who wish to go on to a Japanese university,
junior college, vocational college.

This course provides the training needed for you to take the EJU
(Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students),
JLPT and entrance examinations.


University and college Preparation Course

Admission time year Duration
2 year. program(April) 1st year Early April ~ Late March
2nd year Early April ~ Late March
1.5 year. program(October) 1st year Early October ~ Late March
2nd year Early April ~ Late March
Beginner – Advanced
Weekly schedule
5days per week (Mon-Fri)
Daily schedule (Two programs)
AM 9:00~12:30 PM 13:20~16:50
Class size
Max. 20 students per class
Prepare for exams
■Exam for the JLPT  ■Exam for the EJU

Level and goal

Level Goal
Beginner Ⅰ Reading and writing of 50 sounds hiragana, katakana, mastering pronunciation, learn basic speaking ability.
Beginner Ⅱ
Pre-intermediate In addition to the three skills of listening, speaking, and writing acquired at elementary level, strengthen the ability to read long sentences, write impressions, and express opinions.
●JLPT N3 Level
Iintermediate Learn about timely social themes such as simple newspaper articles and TV news, get used to papers from conversational sentence.
●JLPT N2 Level
Pre-advanced Learn lectures at university, acquire reading comprehension ability, explanatory sentences etc. understandable vocabulary skills, so that you can write gathered sentences and reports.
Advanced Read newspapers, understand TV news, discuss themselves based on themes and write essays. We aim to complete comprehensive Japanese so that we can acquire sophisticated vocabulary, comprehension ability of long sentences, idiomatic expressions, general technical terms, etc., so that social life and university learning and research are possible.
●JLPT N1 Level