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Career guidance

We will provide various support for students who wish to go on to higher education.

An experienced teacher will teach you kindly and carefully until you decide to go to university.

Various examination measures

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test · EJU Examination Countermeasures are always done within the class.

Guidance on course
Helpful and polite guidance

Simulated interview

If you are going to study in Japan, the interview is very important

Writing essay / dissertation

E-mail to professors who wish to go on to hope, how to write essays and research plans, how to write reasons for choosing, etc. are thoroughly instructed other than in the class.

Individual consultation

In accordance with the desire of each student to go on to school, we will give guidance and advice such as simulated interviews, articles etc.

Designated school recommendation

Students with good grades / attendance can receive designated school recommendation.

Application Guidelines · Brochure/Pamphlet

We have pamphlets and application guidelines for universities and vocational schools around Japan.

University entrance examination model Question

We are also preparing exam questions and essays on Japanese essays that have been presented so far.

Taking measures for fulfilling each test

We will take measures classes for the above tests.
In particular, EJU will also conduct comprehensive subjects, mathematics Ⅱ, science.

Briefing session for studying in school

We will hold a briefing session for studying abroad at our school. We will host a briefing session in the classroom, welcoming admissions officers at universities and vocational schools.

Lead to open campus

We will actively participate in the open campus of universities and vocational schools in or around Fukuoka city.